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About IKLAS Genius

Iklas Genius is an initiative by Iklas IAS academy exclusively designed to mould the young and budding minds of schools and colleges to aspire for IAS/IPS/IFS. The very purpose is to catch them young and sow the seeds of civil service exam.

Our parent organisation iklas IAS academy was incepted in the year 2012 with the sole intention of taking the dream of IAS/IPS to each marginalized household.

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Our Programs

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Little Master Programme

Enroll the best students of Class VI, VII, VIII, & IX.
Leadership Development: Organize during summer holiday/winter holiday

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Star Kids Programme

Enroll the Meritorious and Ambitious Students (with Grades Minimum 60%) of the class X, XI & XII.
Parents’ participation is mandatory.

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Star Aspirants Programme

Meritorious (Minimum 60%) and ambitious undergraduate students and those who completed graduation recently.

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Sea is the same for all
Some take Pearls,
Some take Fish,
Some come out just with wet legs
Life is common for all;
we get what we try for…

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